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New Sonified Supernovae Project

tags: tech science audio astro programming

Wrote a python script to turn the lightcurves of supernovae into audio. On the sonified supernovae page you can input the names of supernovae and download WAV files for them.


tags: tech programming linux clock guide

A book-shaped clock that displays the time in the form of book quotes.

Motorized Bike

tags: tech bike bicycle motor

Gas-powered motorized bicycle

Electric-Trigger Pneumatic Gun

tags: tech

A PVC air-powered launcher with an electric trigger.

DIY Headphone Audio Splitter

tags: tech audio guide music

Why share earwax?

Cheap Soldering Helping Hands

tags: tech tools guide

Make soldering easier.

2020-12-22: Meta Ada

tags: tech musing

A short reflection on a passage by Ada Lovelace

2020-12-12: F1RSTP0ST!!11!

tags: tech website programming musing

Coded up a weblogging system.