vikram kashyap






From December 2016 to June 2018, I was a member of Teenflight 5 (TF5). Teenflight is a program through which high school students learn about aviation and build an RV-12 aircraft under the supervision of volunteer mentors. I had a great experience in the program and would recommend it to any student in the Portland area interested in aviation or engineering. I've learned about mechanical engineering, using shop tools, and general aviation. The mentors are also extrememly knowledgeable and it's been my pleasure to work with them and soak up wisdom from them on every subject imagineable.

Teenflight 5 was the fifth iteration of the program. The plane was completed summer 2018 (I flew in it!) and auctioned off to provide funding for the program. I then continued in the program till fall 2019 as a junior mentor to the next group of students, who are working on the Teenflight 7 airplane.

TF5 flight
A mentor and I, about to go flying in the newly-built TF5 airplane (before it was painted).