January 2021, with the intent of getting into more adventure (ADV) motorcycle riding, I bought a red BMW F650GS. It was cheap ($2000), especially considering it only had 30,000 miles on it, not to mention OEM crash bars and heated grips! The guy I was buying it from had bought it in Florida and ridden cross-country here with his brother, but the brothers were now moving back having lost their jobs due to COVID. Really nice guys, the brother told me the bike’s name was “Einstein” and wished me lots of fun and adventures. They even gave me an old helmet and camping pad for free (the latter of which I slept on my entire junior year of college since I didn’t feel like buying a mattress). Of course it did need a little work: I replaced the rear tire and the fork oil; the fairings had pealing paint and a few nonessential screws missing; but hey, it was still a beamer. It was way more powerful than my Virago 250 and the heated grips were an absolute boon. It was a serious problem how heavy and tall it was though, being a fairly small fellow myself. I dropped it twice in the driveway (thank you crash bars), snapping off a mirror the second time. Looking back on the time I took it to Tillamook State Forest, I’m very glad I didn’t drop it on a slope; I don’t think I’d had been able to pick it up again.

Will be written up soon!